What is an AuPair-Pate?

An AuPair-Pate is an AuPair who is staying in the host family in Germany several months already, who is trusty, well working, well integrated.
We assign this AuPair-Pate to one of the new AuPairs, firsthand after arrival.
The AuPair-Pate cares for the new one in the first weeks.      
 Both AuPairs are from the same home country, they speak the same language, have the same cultural background. So they have also the same troubles with the German culture and the German host family in the beginning.
 The AuPair-Pate can listen to the new AuPair, can support and help.
The Aupair-Pate can contact Fair Pair if the protégé is too shy to do this on her own or in case of any trouble.
 The Patenschaft is an important and honorable job for the AuPair-community.

Only an AuPair who attracts positive attention to Fair Pair can take this job.