How to survive Skype?

Most of our AuPair candidates do have big issues with skype. 
They are not well prepared and make mistakes which can be avoided. 
So we decided to give you some tips on this topic: How to survive a skype call with the potential host family properly so that the family is positively surprised and you get the AuPair-job.

No1: Find a quiet place where no loud noise can distract the family you speak with.
We know this is hard to manage when you have to skype from an Internet Café ;-)

No2: Connect with the family on skype at least one day before the skype call. Make sure you get the family’s skype name from us or from the family itself.

If you connect one day before you can make sure, that you are perfectly on time for the call, without any issues finding the right name.

No3: Always have good light on YOU!

Never sit with your back to a window. Otherwise the family cannot identify you. They will not trust you that much if they cannot see your face properly. Present yourself in the best light possible! J

No4: Use a suitable Skype profile picture!
A lot of people forget how important a nice and fresh profile picture is. Do not use a dark photo. Does not look good when skype is connecting and your dark and blurry picture is showed. Not a good image of you for the start.

No5: If possible skype using a computer.
The connection tends to be much better using a computer then a mobile phone.

No6: If you skype from a computer please do not forget to switch off all your mobile devices.
Vibrations and sounds are disturbing you and the family.

No7: Practice to skype with friends and family.
Being a Skype-Pro will help you a lot to skype in a foreign language (German) with the host family.

 No8: If you are skyping from home make sure your background is neat and organized.
You apply for an AuPair job. Nobody invites a messy person, right? ;-)

No9: What to wear?
First impression is very important. Think of a skype with the host family as a job interview. So keep it bright and nice! Do not use clothes with too much patterns or stripes. This is much too distracting. A crispy white blouse - for example - is perfect.

No10: Do wear a nice natural make up and have your hair done ;-)

No11: Be on time!
This is the first commandment for you dealing with Germans ;-) We cannot say it too often! So carefully check the time difference and do not forget that we have a summer time and a winter time here in Germany.

No12: Be prepared for the chat with the host family.
Do have some family related questions on hand to keep the conversation in flow. And as we always say: The Germans LOVE to be asked questions! They LOVE it!

No13: If the connection is bad better try to reconnect.
If it still does not work out suggest a new day for skyping and apologize for the inconvenience.

No14: If you do not understand what the family is talking about, just tell them!
Do not hesitate and smile like an angel. Does not help in this situation. Be honest and ask to repeat the sentence again.

No15: Keep eye contact!
Do not look at you on the screen while talking (we know you are beautiful ;-), look in the camera! This way you will gain trust. And becoming AuPair is all about trust.

No16: You want to fail skype?
You want that the family invites a different AuPair? Then we have a tip for you: Have a fried with you while skyping with the host family. And let her or him talk to you and “help” you with understanding the host family. This will guarantee that the family will not invite you.
So please: Never have a friend near by to “help” you during the Skype call.

No17: If it really is not possible to find a computer for skype and you have to use your mobile phone, please do not have it in your hands while skyping!!
Your hands are shaking all the time and this is really annoying for the family! So please, find a table, a book and put your mobile phone in front of you. As easy as that. No shaking and a happy family.